Drawing Board 10'' Switch Model
  • Drawing Board 10'' Switch Model

Drawing Board 10'' Switch Model

1. Size:255.6*166.21*9.5mm
2. Screen:145.5*213.6mm
3. Weight:191.6g
4. Battery:CR2025
5. Color:Black/ White
6. Operating Temperature:0-40℃
7. The Number of Writing:≥50,000
8. Handwriting Color:Monochromatic/ Colorful
a)    The Drawing Board is easy and fun for kids to use. It brings kids unlimited imagination and depicts on the drawing board.
b)    It is made of environmental friendly materials and it also avoids paper waste and reduce environmental pollution. It also brings kids to develop environmental awareness in childhood.
c)    The drawing board is healthy and safe toy for kids,because it is made of flexible LCD screen and it has zero radiation.
d)    It can be standby with in a low power mode for more than half of a year.  
e)    Drawing board Specification:
Material Plastic and LCD            
Plastic Type HIPs
Color Black/ White
Screen 145.5*213.6mm
Size 255.6*166.21*9.5mm
Weight 191.6g
Battery CR2025
Model 10''