Square Reading Pen
  • Square Reading Pen

Square Reading Pen

1. Tap to Read
2. WiFi Available
3. Reading for Fun
4. Pronunciation Practice
5. Immersive Learning
6. Interactive Learning Toy

a)    The Interactive Reading Pen enables fun of learning for kids. It helps kid to know animals, vehicles, shapes, colors, vocabularies, sentences, reading, and a lot more. 

b)    Learning languages like English, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hindi, Malay, Korean and a lot more; the pen is suitable to any language for kids and language learner. 
c)    Improving cognitive abilities for kids, as well as listening and speaking ability of languages.
d)    The interactive reading pen is portable, edible, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use for kids, it's embedded with standard American pronunciation.
e)    Easy to add MP3 files and supports Micro SD cards to extend memory for stories, songs, and chants for advanced learning.