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Baby Stroller Fan
  • Baby Stroller Fan
  • Baby Stroller Fan
  • Baby Stroller Fan

Baby Stroller Fan

1. Baby Stroller Fan
2. Battery: 3600mAh ~ 4 hours usage
3. Rotation Degree: 120 degree
4. Four levels of fan
5. Embeded 10 baby songs with BlueTooth

Baby Stroller Fan
Product Features

Mobile rechargeable portable multi-scene use small fan. The shape is fresh and cute, the appearance is mini and light, the wind can be adjusted and it can be touched safely. thesummer is hot, and having it will make you fall in love with this summer.
After the product is fully charged, press the power switch to start using, the product can be used as hand-held fan, desktop fan, winding fan (baby carriage, student dormitory upper and lower bunk, shared bicycle backseat, etc.).
Insert the connected charging cable into the fan input port, and the LED indicator light will be bright red to indicate charging. When the red LED indicator is off, the battery is fully charged.
Matters need attention
Please do not play this product alone for children. children need to be used under adult supervision. Do not place this product in a place with high humidity and high temperature. Please do not knock, beat, or disassemble this product.