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Tablet Personal Computer M82
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Tablet Personal Computer M82

1. Product Size:120.6×200.8×8.9mm
2. Memory:LPDDR3 /4:2GB, max 6GB, up to 933 MHz
3. Hard Disk:8GB to 64GB, eMMC 5.1
4. Micro SD Card:support up to 128G
5. Support 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
6. High-definition Dual Cameras
7. Weight:0.37 KG
a)    The tablet runs Android 9.0 system, supports multi-languages, Bluetooth and dual SIM cards.
b)    8 inch mini G+G capacitive multi-touch screen. The size is slim and compact.
c)    Supporting gravity sensing, light sensing and GPS /GLONASS /BDS, as well as a variety of document formats.
d)    Dual cameras, supporting 5M in the front and 8M /13M in the back, to let you have HD photography experience.
e)    Supporting a variety of video, audio and image formats to give you a better use experience.
f)    3800mAh standard battery capacity, and the battery life up to 4-5 hours.
g)    The size of tablet is compact, light and easy to carry, which can accompany your life, study, work and entertainment anytime and anywhere.